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You will be amazed at the benefits this world-first has to offer and also the good it will do to your horse.
Clever Horse Clip is the most innovative fastening system, which prevents injuries in the neck and nape area resulting from too much pressure, as well as in the back and hind leg area due to too much recoil when horses try to break free. It works by the timely opening of the fastening before the headcollar or cord tear which is thanks to the construction of ingenious predetermined breaking points.
Easy handling means tightening is possible with only one hand.
A must-have for any rider!

Clever Horse Clip

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The fastening for the benefit of our horses – now available at a special price – free postage for orders of 3 or more! Orders dispatched within 24 hours of ordering!

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Made in Austria

Short transport paths – production and distribution within 20 km.

Recyclable plastic

Sustainability is important to us and we therefore use only reusable materials!


Our products have all been manufactured climate neutrally.


After the clip is fastened to the collar, the red safety bracket can be pushed to the front. This blocks the pivot and prevents unwanted opening.